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EIC, Missions and Clusters: A Threefold Perspective to Empower Innovation

13 June 2019 | 11.00
APRE EU Liaison Office | Rue du Trône 98, 1050 Brussels

Three of the most-debated issues in the Brussels R&I arena will become a reality as Horizon Europe is launched: cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral Clusters, resulting from the integration of societal challenges and industrial technologies; the R&I Missions, that will define ambitious and R&I-relevant targets to finally stimulate the interest of European citizens around research and innovation; and the European Innovation Council, the expected “one stop shop” for supporting all types of innovation under the next Programme.

While the rationale of the different instruments is clear, their strategic coherence should be evident and decided from the outset. How will R&I missions work? Which will be the role of the Mission boards during the Missions definition and implementation phase? Which will be the role of the EIC Programme Manager within the EIC Pathfinder? Shall project results and innovation emerging from Clusters-based Pillar II be followed-up through the EIC Accelerator? Might some national-backed innovation initiatives recently launched be an example to replicate EU wide?

APRE, the Italian Agency for the Promotion of European Research organises, in collaboration with the European Commission, the roundtable “EIC, Clusters and Missions – A threefold perspective to empower innovation”, to bring together high-level European Commission representatives and a selected number of R&I actors (i.e. universities, research centres, companies, financial intermediaries, ecc.), including but not limited to the Italian R&I community.

The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness and facilitate an exchange of views about those three key novelties in Horizon Europe, while highlighting possible suggestions for the implementation and governance of the European Innovation Council and the identification of R&I Missions in view of the Horizon Europe strategic planning process.

This is an invitation-only event

For more information, please contact bruxelles(at)

Please find here the full agenda of the High Level Round Table: Agenda

Deep-Science, Deep-Tech, Deep-Mind – The role of Emerging Technologies and Innovation Ecosystems in Horizon Europe

31 January 2019 | 13.30
KoWi| Rue du Trône 98, 1050 Bruxelles

This is an invitation-only event
For more information, please contact bruxelles(at)


While legislative negotiations on Horizon Europe are under way in the European Parliament and the EU Council, the proposal presented by the European Commission entrusts the Strategic Planning process with the definition and implementation of the most significant novelties of the next Framework Programme (i.e. intervention areas, R&I Missions, new EU R&I Partnerships, EIC).

The form that Horizon 2020’s existing instruments to support collaborative breakthrough S&T&D will take in Horizon Europe will be defined during the next months, even though the Commission’s proposal seems to be oriented towards a systemic deep-science, deep-tech, and deep-mind by putting in place self-contained innovation ecosystems. For the scientific community involved in this process, it is of outmost importance to understand which form the new S&T&D instruments will take, especially due to the shifting of future and emerging technologies schemes (I.E.; FET Open, FET Proactive) into the EIC Pathfinder and Accelerator in synergy with other ecosystems such as FET Flagships, EIT-KICs, JTIs and Missions. Such ecosystems will be called to bring deep-science, deeptech, and deep-mind into a systemic perspective.

Could the prospected tools and ecosystems under Horizon Europe (EIC, Pathfinder and Accelerator, EIT) move strategically forward the positioning of emerging technologies into a systemic perspective? How will innovation ecosystems contribute to such process? By bringing together in a high-level round table the most relevant representatives of the European S&T community and decision makers, we aim to explore possible options on how to systematically streamline collaborative breakthrough deep-science, deep-mind, deep-tech into a systemic innovation ecosystem cutting across the next Framework Programme for R&I (Horizon Europe).

Confirmed Speakers

Tommaso CALARCO, Director at Institute for Quantum Control of the Peter Grünberg Institute at Forschungszentrum Jülich

Thomas SKORDAS, Director ‘Digital Excellence and Science Infrastructure’ at DG Connect, European Commission

Kurt VANDENBERGHE, Director ‘Policy Development and Coordination’ at DG Research & Innovation, European Commission

Please find here the full agenda of the High Level Round Table:  Agenda